Nepal government replaces printed ticket with electronic pass amidst Quarantine

With the quarantine in full effect, the Nepal government has fully halted all public and private transports except for some most-essential vehicles like Ambulances, Firetrucks, Water tankers, Morgue vans, etc. Up till now, a printed slip was used for verification. This was a slow and ineffective process, and very much time-consuming. So, following a press conference held earlier this week, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHO) has replaced printed tickets with an electronic pass system.

The electronic pass has been put into effect since April 14th, Tuesday. Individuals working for essential services like food delivery, water supply, healthcare services, etc can get one here. To avoid people misusing this service, the District Administration Offices will only approve electronic pass for top priority services. The applicants need to provide a digital copy of their official identity as well as their service category. This includes Health service, Security, Media, Food delivery, Waste management, etc. Official supporting documents need to be included as well. The time periods requested can be for 1 to 7 days, or through the whole of the lockdown period. Individuals working in these sectors can obtain an all-round pass for themselves or one for their select vehicles only.

The lockdown, which was placed in effect from the 19th of March, is still in full effect to contain the spread of the Corona Virus in Nepal. The fixed time period for this nation-wide quarantine is still unknown. There have been numerous time extensions already.

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Rojan Rajbhandari
I'm a tech writer, blogger and overall easygoing person based off Kathmandu. When I'm not blogging, you can catch me chilling out to music or hitting helpless punching bags till my hands feel sore.


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