Nepal Telecom announced Double Mazza FTTH Offer with free daily mobile data

Double Mazza
Double Mazza

The “Double Mazza Offer” recently announced by Nepal Telecom for FTTh users brings 20Mbps internet connection and an additional 106 GB Data at NRs.13,000. Sounds interesting, let’s get into it.

Nepal Telecom Double Mazza FTTH offer

The 20 Mbps Offer:

Under this offer, users can get 20Mbps of wired FTTH connection at an yearly subscription cost of NRs.13,000. The added perk or the “Double Mazza” here, is that Nepal Telecom will provide the FTTH subscribers’ registered mobile number with 300MB data on a daily basis. Which sums up  to 106GB of data in a year which when you calculate-adds up to a little more than NRs.13,000. Hence, “Double Mazza”.

Plans on Offer:

This offer is applicable for 20Mbps, 40Mbps and goes all the way up to 60 Mbps subscribers of Nepal Telecom FTTH.

For Existing Customers:

The existing customers can contact the nearest Nepal Telecom office to renew and enroll in the Double Mazza Offer. For customers who’ve already paid for their subscription of any of the packages can transfer their remaining balance to the plan.

For more, you can either visit the Nepal Telecom office or contact them via their customer service center by dialing 1498.

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