Netflix first Android Game | A concerted effort to include video games in streaming service

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Netflix first Android Game

Netflix is making a concerted push to include video games in its standard streaming service. With the introduction of an upgrade to its Android app, Netflix’s gaming push formally begins this week. According to a blog post and a tweet from Netflix, they will also be releasing a region-limited teaser. It’s Netflix first Android game through which they are marching their steps towards a gaming initiative. The company has announced the release of its first five mobile games, which will be available first on Android smartphones and then on Apple iOS devices in the coming months.

Short outlook

Netflix’s latest and most significant step is toward making video games a standard part of its subscription. The expansion marks the company’s most substantial move into a new form of entertainment. Netflix has always emphasized that its competitors are much broader than the conventional television and film sectors. With which it currently competes Gaming phenoms like Fortnite, as well as user-generated-video juggernaut YouTube. It has been named among the biggest competitors due to the massive quantity of entertainment hours they command worldwide. Netflix isn’t the only one looking to extend its gaming offerings. Amazon has invested in Luna, a cloud gaming provider. Amazon controls Prime Video and has its gaming studio. Google, which owns YouTube, has invested in Stadia, its game-streaming service. Apple Arcade, which creates original films and TV shows for Apple TV Plus, has also grown.


Netflix first Android Game
Netflix first Android Game (Source : cnet)

It has its three arcade-style tap-action games, in addition to a couple of smartphone-friendly games based on the Stranger Things series. The games have been upgraded to work without any upfront charges or hidden microtransaction now that they’re part of Netflix Games. Furthermore, the first games are only available as downloads. Other games will be available in a variety of formats: some will be downloads, while others will require an online connection. Furthermore, Ads, in-app purchases, and additional costs are not available in any of Netflix’s games.


Netflix Games will function the same way if your Netflix membership permits multiple, simultaneous logins (like the $17.99/month “4K” plan in the United States). Everyone can play games same time until their account’s “maximum devices” restriction is met. The app will then send out alerts similar to how it does with video account sharing. While all of the games so far are kid-friendly (due to the lack of microtransactions). In addition, the games are now classified as “adult” content, necessitating the use of an adult account or a PIN.

What it has to offer?

Netflix has outlined its gaming goals, hinting that it plans to pursue console titles on Xbox and PlayStation in the future. However, it would be unusual in that it would incorporate games in a single subscription. Others offer gaming services as a stand-alone service or as part of a bundle that includes a variety of other memberships.

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