Netflix Game on iOS Platform | Available for Download on iPad & iPhone via App Store

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Netflix Game on iOS Platform

Netflix has officially launched its gaming service on the Android platform. Meanwhile, Netflix has said that an iOS version of the service is in the works. And finally, Netflix has brought Netflix Game on the iOS platform. The platform provides customers with a limited range of mobile games free of advertisements and in-app purchases. Netflix has announced the release of Netflix Game on the iOS platform on November 10th. Therefore, you can now access the games using the Netflix app.

About Netflix Game on iOS platform

Netflix Games’ iOS launch has encountered considerable skepticism because of Apple’s App Store’s new cloud gaming rule. And this wasn’t the first time Apple’s App Store restrictions have gotten in the way of other gaming platforms and services too. The policy usually prohibits third-party apps from serving as storefronts for apps. As a result, Netflix is unable to provide these games directly via its app. Therefore, you need to download each game from the App Store separately. 

If you have an iOS device and are a Netflix subscriber, you can download the first Netflix Games today from the App Store. Here are the first five games that are currently available:

  • Stranger Things: 1984 
  • Stranger Things 3: The Game
  • Shooting Hoops, Card Blast
  • Teeter (UP) 
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Netflix Game on iOS Platform

However, you need to log in with your Netflix account after installing the game. The Netflix Standard Plan includes all games for free. Netflix also claims that its games will be free of advertisements and in-app purchases.

On the other hand, Netflix has forced Apple customers to subscribe online since 2018. Considering, Netflix was one of the first services to voice its opposition to Apple’s 30% commission fee. It is a bit surprising when Netflix has reopened subscriptions through Apple’s in-app purchase system. It’s unclear what finally swayed the company’s decision because both parties haven’t said anything yet. 

What’s more, Netflix has in store for us?

 It is just the initiative taken by Netflix into mobile gaming. The Netflix Games on iPhone and Android are certainly just the tip of the iceberg. They have hired a former Facebook employee to help lead the games sector at the streaming service. He was in charge of VR and AR content At Facebook. In addition, Netflix has also purchased Night School Studio. The video game studio is most known for its first game, Oxenfree, and it revealed a sequel. Netflix’s haste in launching the service demonstrates how serious the business is about building a name for itself in the gaming world.

A brief outlook of Netflix Game

Netflix’s most recent and significant move is to make video games a common feature of its service. It is the company’s most significant foray into a new kind of entertainment. Netflix has always stated that its competitors extend far beyond the traditional television and film industries. It presently competes with gaming phenoms like Fortnite as well as YouTube’s user-generated-video juggernaut. Similarly, Netflix has control over a massive quantity of entertainment worldwide. As a result, Netflix is considered one of the most powerful competitors. Netflix isn’t the only company that wants to expand its gaming options. Luna, a cloud gaming provider, has also received funding from Amazon.

Amazon has its gaming studio and manages Prime Video. Google has also invested in Stadia, a game-streaming service. Likewise, Apple Arcade, which produces original films and television series for Apple TV Plus, has expanded as well.

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