NIC Asia Introduces Quick Pay service to empower SMEs

NIC Asia Quick Pay
NIC Asia Quick Pay

With the second wave of COVID-19 unshackled, it is better to avoid physical connections, be it in life or terms of cash transactions. “Quick Pay” by NIC Asia bank lets you do just that. Through Quick Pay, NIC Asia intends to empower Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Quick Pay allows SMEs to make and take digital payments without any API integration.

What is NIC Asia “Quick Pay”?

NIC Asia has pioneered the “Quick Pay” Service that enables the business to make and take payments. In order to do so, companies need to sign an agreement with their nearest NIC Asia bank. The bank will then provide you with a platform that will convert the amount into a payment link. Once done, you can now take payments from any location at any time by sending these links to your customers via SMS, email, and even social media messengers.

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On the customers’ front, the link they receive will guide them through different options for payment, including mobile/SMS/internet banking or even through their cards. What’s good is that the customer doesn’t necessarily need to have a NIC Asia account for this. 

The Bank believes that this will bridge the gap between online and offline payment options. Furthermore, the E-commerce businesses that haven’t yet started taking online payments and companies solely based offline can use this service to advance digital business tenfold.

According to NIC Asia Bank, the Quick Pay service will mark the beginning of a new form of digital payment in the country.

While we fight the pandemic, it’d be better for us to get less and less involved with physical cash transactions and save ourselves the hassle of carrying cash and going digital. Hopefully, Quick Pay by NIC Asia is secure and reliable like its other services like card-based online payment gateway Cybersource, NIC Asia Mobank, and others. 

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