NTC will soon begin 5G trials

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NTC 5G Network

After the long wait, NTC will finally start testing the 5G network. As we lack a robust 5G ecosystem, NTC getting approval for 5G trials is a great deal for all!

Short Overview

On Kartik 29, the governing agency agreed to give NTC the green signal to pursue its 5G plan. The previous government was suppose to approve NTC. But due to the Ministry’s complacency, it took a long time. However, now that the approval has worked out. NTC will soon begin 5G trials in Nepal. Let’s take a closer look at NT’s plans and preparations for testing the NTC 5G network in Nepal.


According to Dilli Adhikari, managing director of Nepal Telecom, the Nepal Telecom Authority has given permission to Telecom for testing.

Now that the permission has been obtained, the equipment required for the operation of 5G can be managed and brought into test operation within four months, Telecom said

To whom it has to coordinate?

Based on the approved New technology testing procedure, Ntc needs to collaborate with NTA for the trial period and the import of necessary equipment. 

Meanwhile, NTC’s 5G has been a hot topic for years, but the state-owned telco has now gained approval from NTA. So, by next year, we can expect NTC (Nepal Telecom) to commence 5G testing. Having been said this, We should wait longer than the slated three months from the approval date because the telecom will need to import the requisite 5G equipment from abroad. 

What it has to offer?

According to reports, the NTA will give the 5G trial 60 MHz of radio bandwidth in the 2600 MHz band (n41). Similarly, NTC will receive a total of 60 MHz of frequency bandwidth ranging from 2500 MHz to 2560 MHz for its 5G tests.

NTC prospects 

Nepal Telecom can now begin constructing the network infrastructure required for 5G operations. After being the NTA approved its work plan. It entails bringing in the essential networking equipment and properly installing it. Additionally, it must also provide progress reports to the NTA every three months. 

However, if NTC fails to provide the report about progress in infrastructure construction within the given time limit, they might risk losing the 5G license.

We discussed the NTC’s permission for 5G earlier, but do you know what 5G is? Here, I’ll give a quick overview of 5G and why it seems to be a great deal for Nepal.

What is 5G for you? 

5G is a fifth-generation mobile communication technology standard. 5G has more to offer than only ultra-high-speed data transfer (up to 10 Gbps DL). In a matter of seconds, you can download 4K videos or HD movies to your smartphone. On the other hand, it is more than just fiber-like broadband rates; it also includes a slew of new services and applications. It will undoubtedly alter how we use the telecommunications network. Likewise, 5G cells are also known for providing the bandwidth for an immense number of IoT devices. All in all, 5G is designed to support several devices with high bandwidth speeds.

Why it seems to be a great deal?

5G is presently available in several developed areas of the world. On the other hand, it seems to be a great deal for developing countries like Nepal because operators in developing countries are hesitant to invest in 5G networks because of the high cost and little return. Due to the lack of a robust 5G ecosystem, telcos are also hesitant to move forward with a 5G rollout.

Final thoughts

5G includes faster transmissions, lower latency, and thus more capacity for remote execution. As well as an immense number of linked devices. Consumers will have access to more information at a faster rate than ever before. So it’s a significant stride forward taken from Nepal telecom.

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