NTC’s e-Shiksha Pack: Study more for a lot less


With new cases of COVID popping up all over Nepal recently, the quarantine is more likely to be extended in certain regions again. And with no end-date in sight, more and more educational institutions are moving their classroom environments online. But here’s a quick reality check: Nepali internet speeds are among the lowest internationally, and unlimited internet is not a luxury everyone can access. So, both the students and the institutions are facing setbacks during this time of difficulty. Keeping these problems in mind, Nepal Telecom has launched its NTC e-Shiksha pack for the duration of this lockdown.

e-Shiksha ‘Guru Dakshinas’ (Pricings)

Currently, there are two packages that can be subscribed to any Nepal Telecom mobile number. These include a 6GB pack (3GB all time + 3GB (5am-10am)) priced at Nrs. 260 and a 15GB pack (9GB all time + 6GB (5am-10am))priced at Nrs. 500. These data packs work with all networks, 2G, 3G, and 4G. Also, the validity for both the packs is 28 days.

“Heck yeah! I don’t have access to unlimited internet subscription. And I’ll get robbed to the teeth if I buy data packs at normal pricings. Where do I sign up?!”, an excited scholar might ask.

Sign up process for e-Shiksha packs:

To apply for these data packs, interested Schools and Colleges have to prepare an official letter containing the NTC mobile numbers of the Faculty members or students who wish to utilize this offer. Yes, this means that the offer is valid only for Nepal Telecom numbers.

The letter should then be sent with an appropriate title to edupack@ntc.net.np

After the application is approved, the numbers requesting a message notification from 1422 will arrive. Then, by dialing*1415*55#, interested users can buy these affordable data packs as per their needs. Also, the official NTC app can be used to buy these data packages too.

For more information regarding bank payments or mobile-wallet payments, click the link here.

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