Opera launched Opera GX: A mobile gaming browser

Opera GX
Opera GX

Opera launched the Opera GX with gamers in mind- with customizable skins, built-in VPN and adblocker, and more. The GX for desktop (Windows and macOS) had its flaws when it first launched in 2019. And now, Opera is attempting to pitch its Opera GX browser to mobile gamers. The Opera GX mobile version for iOS and Android is finally out and here’s everything you might want to know about them.

Features of Opera GX:

For starters, the Opera GX mobile version offers custom skins, a built-in ad blocker, ergonomic navigation with haptic feedback, and gaming news & deals. All of these might be a familiar feature if you had used the desktop version of Opera GX. The fact is, the mobile version doesn’t want to be different, and instead, it serves as a bridge to interconnect their desktop version to the mobile version of the app.

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As for the features, Opera has added a quick action wheel, which they call Fast Action Button (FAB) which makes one-handed browsing convenient. You can use your thumb to slide between different icons around the central hub. To give it a more gamery GX touch, Opera has added haptic feedback.

Then there’s GX Corner, a news feed of sorts that displays the latest news surrounding desktop, console, and mobile garmes. On top of that, it also covers trailers, game release calendar, and deals on games that you might fancy.


The Opera GX is free to download and available on both iOS and Android.

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