Poco X2 launching very soon

Poco X2 Price in Nepal
Poco X2 Price in Nepal

For all the love that Poco got over the past year since the release of its prized F1, this Xiaomi offshoot company has remained quite silent until very recently. Lurking in the shadows, it has been observing the market trends and developments quite avidly, there’s no doubt in that. And as we can all see, Poco has been patiently biding its time for the announcement of its next-in-line as well.

But with Poco fans literally begging for a continuation to the F line of smartphones and the numerous breakthroughs in smartphone technology since the launch of F1, Poco’s next successor has quite big shoes to fill. The Pocofone F1 was a brilliant smartphone for its time; it still is. But will the next Poco pack as much awesomeness as the F1?

Pocofone X2? I thought we were getting the Pocofone F2!!!

The next smartphone in line with the F1 will be the Pocofone X2, not the F2. Armed with a tagline that goes “SmoothAF”, there is strong evidence suggesting that the Poco X2 will house a screen with a 120Hz refresh rate. The peeps over at Poco have coined this display as “Reality Flow”. And, let’s be honest – this sounds quite cool, doesn’t it? This, along with the side-mounted fingerprint sensor, is sure to give the X2 a different edge over other smartphones.

The Poco X2 is going to be the second in line to this now independent smartphone company. There is strong speculation that this is going to be a rebranded version of the Redmi K30’s 4G variant. If it is so, there’s a strong chance that it will sport a 6.67-inch fHD+ display with dual hole-punch design, Snapdragon 730G Soc for the processor and setup of quad-cameras on the rear side. The main snapper will most likely be a 64MP Sony IMX686. But of course, this is only just speculation and is not certain. That being said, there is one thing we can all bet our money on. It will house more Poco-esque features to set it a cut apart from other smartphones in its price range. After all, this is the same competitive edge that set the F1 as the most bought smartphone in its price range.

For more information on Poco X2, visit X2’s teaser website here. Also, leave comments down below to share your thoughts on this new Poco successor!

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