Prabhu TV provides a month of free streaming for Ncell users

Prabhu TV
Prabhu TV

Prabhu TV is a mobile streaming app that provides live TV streams from the comfort of your office desk, sofa, bed, toilet seat or wherever it is that you go with your mobile phone. This handy app provides a Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) TV feed directly to your app without much delay latency. With a wide selection of national and international channels to choose from, it has little below 15k users already. Now, following the recent lockdown caused by the spread of COVID-19 in Nepal, Prabhu has announced that it will provide 1 month of free streaming service for Ncell users.

Although the service was initially only available for a set-up box setup, the PrabhuTV OTT app allows users to stream TV channels from their mobile, tablet or PC. All users need to do is download the Prabhu TV app and subscribe to a package. Packages range anywhere from Rs 10 to Rs 200, and you can subscribe for as little as a day.

As we mentioned above, PrabhuTV has announced that it will provide 1 month of free streaming exclusively for Ncell users. This means the users will be provided with a generous subscription service including previously pay-walled channels. So to take advantage of this offer, Ncell users will have to sign up for the service using their Ncell phone numbers. Currently, this offer isn’t available for any other telecom service providers.

Boasting itself as Nepal’s first wireless digital terrestrial service, this app is based on 2nd generation DVB-T2 technology. This, of course, means that HD and SD channels stream effortlessly. But that being said, the low star reviews(2.9* ) on PlayStore and comments about the app crashing frequently, if still true, might be something of a mood killer.

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