PUBG: New State | Free to download on the Google play store

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At the beginning of 2021, Krafton stated that it was working on a smartphone version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds named PUBG: This is a new state. After a year of testing, battle royale was finally ready for prime time, with a November 11th release date set. PUBG: New State is currently available as a free-to-play download on the Google Play Store. We will get insight into PUBG New State and its availability to download on the Google Play Store .

What is PUBG New State for you?

PUBG: New State
PUBGNew State

 It simply delivers new graphics with a few gameplay modifications and several setting updates. The game is still a battle royale. The Vulkan API is used.And this is where the graphical upgrades come.

What it has to offer?

6 11
PUBG (New State)

Krafton promises “a strong and consistent pipeline of new content, worldwide service support, and anti-cheat measures” global service support, and anti-cheat measures” after the game is released.


CPU64-bit(ABI arm64 or higher)
OSAndroid 6.0 or higher
RAM2GB or more

In its release notes, Krafton also mentions the following issues:

Unfortunately, great graphics aren’t enough to produce a popular shooter. And the Play Store is filled with comments about how demanding the game is and how slow it plays.

Crashing and bad server connections appear to be a problem right now;

 • screen flickering is a problem, as is USB debugging keeping people out of the game (players should turn this off).

Those with less powerful devices, particularly those with low-end phones, may experience problems. PUBG: New State appears to be a fantastic game, but it will require a lot of strength to play.

Price and Availability 

The launch of PUBG: New State hasn’t gone as planned so far, but Krafton appears to be on top of the game’s issues, which is always a good sign. PUBG: New State is now available all across the world. Compared to PUBG Mobile and BGMI, the game is free to play and has a modern/urban setting for its violent battle royale-style gameplay. The company appears to be repurposing assets from the original PUBG Mobile game, but with new game features like futuristic vehicles and weapons.

Final thoughts:

This game is highly addictive and features realistic graphics in an open-world setting. There are various missions to perform, as well as numerous stunning character and weapon costumes and skins. Pubg gives you several map options to pick from when it comes to the game’s map. PUBG already has a significant fan base throughout the world. The fact that PUBG New State has already surpassed 1 million downloads on Google Play Stores proves how eagerly users anticipated the release of this new version. Regarding whether Fans of PUBG will enjoy PUBG’s new state or not, that will have to wait and see. We can assume that Pubg’s new state will be a success.

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