Qualcomm’s New Processor | Snapdragon Powerful Chips Might Power Next Phone

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Qualcomm's New Processor

Short outlook on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon :

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon mobile platforms are fast, intelligent, smooth, and secure, with incredible visuals. They have multi-core CPU processors that combine cutting-edge features and support for global network access. with astonishing speed and power efficiency. Furthermore, Snapdragon mobile platforms deliver immersive augmented reality and virtual reality experiences. Likewise, it provides excellent camera capabilities, superior 4G LTE and 5G connectivity. Moreover, it adds the newest security solutions in mobile devices. Having been said that Qualcomm’s New Processor could end up powering our upcoming smartphones as four new Snapdragon chips are lined-up for launch.

What it has to offer?

Qualcomm is announcing a heap of new Snapdragon chips across its mid-and entry-level product lines. Including the Snapdragon 778 Plus, 695, 680, and 480 Plus gives device manufacturers more options while choosing the best processor for a phone. It leaves customers more choice when it comes to buying one.

What is the difference between Snapdragon 695 and Snapdragon 690?

Qualcomm’s New Processor(Image Source : THE VERGE)

The Snapdragon 695, which replaces the Snapdragon 690 in Qualcomm’s range, is the most prominent new chip. The Snapdragon 695 will support both millimeter Wave and sub-6GHz 5G, unlike the previous iteration. Similarly , it enhance data rates even on less expensive phones (which have thus far tended to skip out on offering mm-Wave support).Similarly, there’s also a significant speed boost. Qualcomm claims a 15% increase in CPU performance and up to 30% faster graphics rendering in comparing to the 690.

Other additional information:

The Snapdragon 680, a new LTE-only SoC based on the same, more modern 6nm process as the 695, which is an interesting inclusion. It’s not quite up to par with Qualcomm’s new 5G processor, but it’s meant to fill a vacuum in the company’s lineup for enterprises looking for 4G-only devices (which can help decrease costs in locations where 5G deployments aren’t yet complete).


The renowned company like HMD, Honor, Motorola, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi have all expressed their interest. After the launched of Q4 2021, they might be using some of the new Snapdragon CPUs in next Smartphones.

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