Realme hints laptops might be on its way

Realme Laptops
Realme Laptops

There’s no denying that Realme has become one of the fastest if not the fastest growing smartphone brand in recent times. Realme also falls under the shade of BBK Electronics like its sister brands Oppo and OnePlus. Considering the fact that none of these brands indulged in releasing Laptops, things might go either way for Realme

Was it really a Prank?

Recent events suggest that Realme will be launching laptops in the coming days. While we had rumors suggesting their launch by June, that doesn’t seem to be the case and if it were to launch anytime soon, we can expect it no sooner than Q3 this year. On April Fool’s Day, realme had teased a notebook called ‘realme MeowBook’ and it slipped past as a prank. But now it is affirmative that a laptop from ‘realme’ is really happening.

The Spark of the Survey:

Realme recently conducted a survey on their community asking their basic information such as gender, age group, annual income, what brand of smartphones they use and their laptop preferences. Interestingly, the questionnaire followed up with what brand of laptop the participants used and it listed almost all major brands; ASUS, Dell, Lenovo, Xiaomi and HONOR except HP (I wonder why).

Launch Date and Price:

The question that might have given us a heads up on the release date was whether the participants are looking for a new laptop to purchase within the next 3 months, this indicates that the realme laptops might debut in the third quarter of this year.

Lastly when it came down to pricing, the participants were asked to quote a range that they are willing to pay for their next laptop. The lowest price starting at INR.30,000 going all the way up to INR.50,000, suggests that the realme laptop might come in at somewhere around the same range.

To learn more about when Realme laptops actually launch, stay tuned to TechnoSanta.

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