Redmi Earbuds S Launched in Nepal: Beastly Sound, Budget Price

Redmi Earbuds S
Redmi Earbuds S

With new power banks, routers, and competitively priced smartphones launching one after another, Xiaomi Nepal seems to be on a roll lately. When the original Redmi AirDots were made available in the Nepali market, it gained a lot of love from customers for its quality sound, lightweight and compact design, and budget price point. We did a hands-on review on it and loved it as well. So naturally, many fans, including us, were pretty hyped up when the Redmi Earbuds S was launching the international market a few months ago. The TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earbuds have finally made their way to the Nepali market and now are available for purchase at what we must say is a pretty competitive price point. But before we dive into the Redmi Earbuds S price in Nepal, let’s quickly look over these sweet little audio dots themselves.

Redmi Earbuds S: The Ultimate Budget Earbuds?

Design and build:

The Redmi Earbuds S reminds us of the original Redmi AirDots a lot. The box is almost the same, although the text engraving seems to have changed. The box comes with the same snappy magnetic lid, which houses two slots with the earbuds inside. The earbuds are held to the box with magnets as well, and so they don’t fall off when shaken or held upside-down.

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The earbuds come with IPX4 rating, making it sweat and splash resistant. This makes it great for working out or going for a little walk on light rain conditions.

Looking at the earbuds themselves, they’re practically the same looking as the Redmi AirDots. These compact little pill-shaped earbuds are interesting since they look not at all like an Apple AirPods, something that many designs try to copy in vain. Instead, these lightweight earbuds fit snugly in the outer side of the earlobe, with the silicone-covered tip fitting comfortably inside the ear canal. The tip is soft silicone and extra tips come in the package in case the default ones don’t fit you very well. The body is made up of plastic, but it doesn’t feel cheap at all.

Buttons and indicators:

Both the buds have a snappy plastic button with a frosted finish. These can be used to play/stop music or receive/end calls. By triple pressing the button, you can also trigger the low-latency gaming mode, which provides sound in real-time so you can focus on your gaming with maximum concentration, and not suffer any of those nasty sound lags that are prone to Bluetooth audio devices.

On the buttons, a small LED light indicates on/off status and charging. These indicators can show the battery level (if low), pairing, on/off status, charging, etc.


Pairing these earbuds are pretty straightforward. The earbuds use Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity, which allows low power consumption. The AirDots first pair in-between themselves and then pair with the device of choice for stereo sound. However, it is possible to pair the two earbuds separately as well. In this case, both earbuds should be removed from the case and a single earbud (REDMI_L or REDMI_R) should be paired according to which earbud you want connected.

Sound quality:

Sound quality is where the earbuds S shows more promise than the previous AirDots. Because of the in-ear design of the buds, the bass response is pretty good – neither too overpowering nor very weak. The frequency response is pretty good, and it emphasizes treble and bass without making the sound too harsh or boomy. According to the official release provided by Xiaomi Nepal, they have “tuned [the earbuds] according to the auditory preference of [their] users in Nepal.” We don’t know how they’ve managed to accomplish this, but the audio quality does seem to have had an improvement.

ENC(Environment Noise Cancellation) for the buds are pretty good too. The sound appears pretty clear, and background ambient noises seem minimized as well.

Battery life:

The Redmi Earbuds S are capable of providing 12 hours of usage with the charging case. The earbuds by themselves provide around 4 hours of playback. This is only the marketed playback time, so factors like listening volume will of course affect it.

Pricing and availability:

At the moment, Redmi Earbuds S will be available in only one color: Black. The launch price for the new Redmi Earbuds S in Nepal is NPR 3,199 and it will be available across all authorized Mi Stores, retail partners, and online channels very soon.

At this price range, it is competitively priced and much better than many of the other earbuds at this price range. It is a solid choice for anyone looking for a great sounding price of earbuds with a compact design.

However, if a classic design earbuds is more to your liking, you should also check out our recent review of the Accurate AT-01 earbuds here, which are slightly pricier than the Redmi Earbuds S.

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