Redmi K20 Pro biggest PUBG gaming event held with great success

Redmi K20 Pubg Gaming Competition
Redmi K20 Pubg Gaming Competition

Redmi’s K20 Pro PUBG gaming event might just be the biggest mobile-centered gaming event to happen this year so far. And better yet, this event has been reported to be a positive experience for the organizers and players alike. Gathering mobile gaming enthusiasts together in one place is no easy task, let alone PUBG players that hole up in their beds in their dark rooms and free WiFi restaurants and dread sunlight like the plague.

Okay, okay, maybe not all of them are like that. Maybe it’s just me. 😛

Event overview:

Well, to start off, there was an overwhelming response from gamers for the registration. So, considering the limited requirement for the slots, only 160 teams were chosen. With each team consisting of 4 players, there were 640 players enrolled in total. This is pretty impressive. Whisking out the teams, 16 teams were selected for the final round based on the score they made in the qualifying round. The team with the most points in the finale was declared the winner.

The finals were held at Chaya Center on the 22nd of February. And of course, the finals were laced with lots of exciting surprises for the players, fun quizzes. And how could we miss, the most awaited prize distribution?

The winning teams in order of position secured the following prizes:

1st: NRS 50,000 as cash prize + 20Mbps Vianet Internet Package for 12 months
2nd: NRS 30,000 as cash prize + 20Mbps Vianet Internet Package for 6 months
3rd: NRS 20,000 as cash prize + 20Mbps Vianet Internet Package for 3 months
4th: 20Mbps Vianet Internet Package for 3 months
5th: 20Mbps Vianet Internet Package for 3 months

It’s interesting to see how successful the event was and how enthusiastic the players were for more events like these. While the prizes were pretty mouth and wallet-watering for the winners, the Redmi K20 Pro PUBG Gaming event has surely paved a path for a more mobile-gaming focused event like these in the future as well. It will surely be fun to see successful events like these held again and again to bond people over their love of mobile gaming in the future.

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