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Ripple Artifacts Price in Nepal
Ripple Artifacts

Ripple, or RippleDevice, is a Nepal-based OEM company looking to enter the laptop market with a bang. With their new product, dubbed the Ripple Artifact, they seem to have their sights set on capturing the sights and hearts of customers. Providing crazy specs at great prices, with every spec also promised to be “fully customizable”, Ripple’s new release definitely looks like a promising competitor to be on the lookout for if you’re on the hunt for a new laptop.

The New Ripple Artifact:

The Ripple Artifact will be the first publicly launched product by RippleDevice. Promising top-of-the-line hardware and features especially geared towards Nepal’s growing gamer audience, their new product definitely comes with a promising list of specs to back it up.

Ripple is an OEM company i.e. an Original Equipment Manufacturer. So although the company itself is Nepal-based, they assemble parts from various suppliers (mostly from abroad). This is a great upside since this means that the Ripple Artifact can customize and assemble with a large pool of options to choose from – you can tweak the specs however you want to make it fit your requirements while making sure that you’re not going too overboard on your budget.

But for those that just want a great gaming laptop with minimum hassle, they also provide a ready-made base variant, specially curated for maximum performance for an affordable price.


Looks-wise, the laptop looks pretty much like your standard work + gaming laptop. The design is clean and clutter-free, with the company’s signature Ripple ‘R’ logo in the center of the top lid with a nice finish. Sure, it doesn’t boast much of the sharp and bold design choices that a company like Razer or Alienware would go for, but for the price, you’re saying you can’t really complain.

The 15’6″ FHD IPS-LED display comes with a solid 144Hz refresh rate. The body measures 359.5 x 238 x 21.9mm and is fairly comfortable to carry around as well, weighing in at 1.85 kg.

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Speaking of hardware, the Artifact boasts an Intel i5 10300H CPU and GTX1650ti GPU out-of-the-box, with 8 solid gigs of DDR4 RAM on-board. It also has built-in SSD support, with 256 GB (upgradable) of M.2 PCIe NVMe goodness packed in in the base variant.

The company provides two OS options: Windows 10 Professional Edition or Linux.

Check out the Unboxing and Initial Impressions of Ripple Artifact:

Ripple Artifact Detailed Specs:

  • CPU: Intel i5 10300H
  • GPU: GTX1650ti
  • Size: 15’6″
  • Display: FHD 144Hz (1920×1080)
  • Dimensions: 359.5x238x21.9mm
  • Weight: 1.85kg
  • Battery: 49 WH
  • OS: Genuine Windows 10 Professional / Linux support as well
  • RAM: 8 GB DDR4 2666 (upgradeable)
  • SSD: 256 GB M.2 PCLe NVMe* (upgradeable)
  • Warranty: 2 years

Ripple Artifact Price In Nepal:

For the most part, the price for the Ripple Artifact will depend on the hardware you choose for it. However, for the base variant and all customizations, the company has promised that it will provide its devices at a more affordable rate than other competitors in the market.

Although the Ripple Artifact hasn’t been officially released yet, you can enquire about their pricing on their official Facebook page here.

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