Repair Your Mobile During Lockdown Using Saathi App

Saathi Ride Sharing app
Saathi Ride Sharing app

With a majority of the population staying sane right now just thanks to their hyper-connected mobile devices, having something terrible happen to your phone is an absolute disaster. Don’t get us wrong; breaking your phone is always a very unpleasant experience any time it happens. But because of the recent lockdown, it has gotten a whole lot more tricky to deal with. Finding a mobile repair store is much harder than ever. Recognizing this major problem, the Saathi app has launched its new Mobile Pick-up and Drop repair service.

Saathi is a new ride-sharing service that started just a few months ago, which has been slowly but surely grabbing a place in the market for itself. Their newly launched Mobile Pick-up and Drop program allow customers to send off and receive mobile phones for repair from the comfort of their own homes. Through their official app, users can order phone repairs, loose parts, or servicing. A Saathi agent will pick up the damaged phone at the location of choice and deliver it back to the customer when it’s repaired.

Saathi Mobile Pick-up and Drop program
Saathi Mobile Pick-up and Drop program

Service Availability

As of right now, the feature is only available to customers living inside the vicinity of Ring Road. However, the company has announced that it plans to extend this service throughout neighboring areas and throughout the country as well. The minimum fare for pick up and delivery starts at Rs. 35. The repair amount will be billed separately.

Vikrant Regmi, Company Manager for Saathi, explains that services like these, which limit the exposure of users to unsanitary environments, are vital for public safety. ‘हामीले सबैलाई घर वा कार्यालयबाटै मर्मत तथा सर्भिस सेन्टरको सुबिधा लिन सकिने गरि सुरक्षित साथ सेवा दिनेछौं’ [We will provide secure repair services for everyone from the safety of their homes or offices], says Regmi. ‘यसले गर्दा सबैजना भिडभाडमा जानु नपर्ने तथा मर्मतपछि मोबाइल समेत समयमा नै उपलब्ध हुनेछ’ [This will avoid people having to go to crowded places, while still providing quick repair service].

Steps that will get the Mobile Pickup and Drop service up and running in your smartphone:

  • Download the official Saathi App from the Play Store
  • Click on the ‘Pick and Delivery Service’ option
  • Go through the details and choose a suitable location for picking up the damaged phone

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