Galaxy S11 Or S20 Leaks: ~ Everything we know so far

Samsung Galaxy S11 Rumor
Samsung Galaxy S11 Rumor | Photo By PhoneArena

The Galaxy S11 unveiling is definitely one of the top events that every budding tech fanatic looks forward to. Usually held during or around the time of the World Mobile Congress event, this reveals the next cutting edge flagship for the tech-titan Samsung. And depending on the release, critics and tech enthusiasts worldwide indulge in staring at awe and admiring the new heavenly gizmo or poking fun at Samsung for the next year until the next in the series is eventually announced.

“But the Mobile Congress is held in February. Why’re you getting fired up about it now?”, I hear you protest. Well, naïve reader… the OFFICIAL launch is in February. But that doesn’t stop us enthusiasts from speculating about it from all the bottled up excitement! And to top it off, all the leaks that have happened so far have given us plenty much to feel excited about.

What we know so far:

120Hz refresh rate and an unparalleled display smoothness!

Leaks confirm that the Galaxy S11 will boast a display unparalleled by any other smartphone before it. According to a recent tip from a trusted leaker “Ice Universe”, the OneUI 2.0 that is geared to support the S11, supports a 120Hz refresh rate display. Comparing this to the 60Hz display on most modern phones, this should make the animations and the related user experience twice as better. Even compared to the 90Hz on the Pixel 4 and the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro that have ‘set the marker’, this is a whole another level. The display can be switched between 60Hz and 120Hz in the settings. This is something that will definitely be convenient.

Under display invisible selfie camera?

Well, if you think the display is pretty neat, wait until you hear what’s speculated to be underneath it. We’re talking about a selfie camera hidden underneath the screen, folks! That’s right, no more annoying notches or hole-punches. Without the notch or hole-punch, the S11 will have a seamless true full-screen look which will set its design a class apart from other phones.

108MP Camera and 8k video capture!

And while we’re on the topic of cameras, trusted sources have pretty much confirmed that the S11 will boast a solid 108MP primary camera. While this is a big thing by itself, features like 8K video capture modes, enhanced low-light photography, etc are also rumored to be supported by this beast of a phone. Furthermore, leaks suspect the Galaxy S11 will keep bezels on the sides of the phone, eliminating the curved screen design. The curved display was embraced by so many of its predecessors in the past and came with its own set of annoyances. So, this decision will remove annoyances like unwanted touches being registered on the screen from the Galaxy S11.

Physical upgrades and Snapdragon 865:

It’s near-certain that Samsung has partnered up with Qualcomm to feature its unannounced Snapdragon 865 processor. This is bound to be placed in at least one version of the S11. Furthermore, other sources claim the gizmo will be powered by a massive 5000mAh battery. Others say the phone will be marketed under a different name, trashing the ‘Galaxy S11’ name altogether. And seeing as to how saying ‘S Eleven’, ‘S Twelve’… becomes progressively difficult as later versions come along, it might be the time that Samsung finally takes this step.

It will be fun to see how things open up in later leaks. While there are many other supposed “leaks” too, there are some that give straight-up outrageous claims as well. So, it’ll be interesting to see how much of it will actually be true. As for now, we can only bide our time and wait for an official press release for more information.

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