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Dashin has arrived at our doorway. People are always looking for new things to buy. Their shopping spree does not stop at apparel; they also purchase home appliances, gadgets, and other electronic items. As a result, different companies are offering various festive schemes for this Dashain. To add to the list, Sony, a large corporation in Nepal, has announced Dashain Offer where clients will get festival discounts on different products. The Sony Nepal Dashain Offer includes savings on televisions, Alpha cameras, lenses, and soundbars. The offer has started on September 17th (1st Ashoj, 2078) and is valid till November 10th (24th Kartik, 2078). As a result, the Sony Nepal Dashain Offer is valid during Tihar and Chhath as well.

 Nepa Hima is the authorized distributor of Sony items. They have started this Sony Dashain Offer as part of the festive promotion. Sony has a wide range of products such as home appliances, cameras, lenses, electronics, headphones, earphones, televisions, sound systems, soundbars, PlayStation, and much more available on the market. They are a global leader in the technology and gadget industries. During the Dashain campaign of 2078, Nepa Hima is offering discounts and vouchers for various Sony products. Bravia TVs, Alpha camera, and soundbars are among the items on offer.

What is inside the Sony Nepal Dashain Offer? 

Discounts and Vouchers

To begin with, Nepa Hima has offer discounts and vouchers on Sony Bravia Televisions. They are presently offering discounts on years 2019, 2020, and 2021 TV models. Sony has a maximum retail price (MRP), after which there is a discount, resulting in the market operating price (MOP). Sony also offers vouchers that provide additional benefits or discounts. On Sony smart TVs, there are two tiers of discounts.

Furthermore, Sony Nepal is providing discounts on Interchangeable Lens Camera (ILCE), especially on the Alpha Series. The Alpha series is quite popular among photographers and videographers. There are also offering a discount on all models of camera lenses. In addition, as part of the Dashain Tihar festival promotion, Nepa Hima is providing free camera servicing. Sony also sells soundbars for televisions, and they’re on sale right now.

Discounts on Sony Bravia Smart TVs

Sony TV

As mentioned above, Hima Nepal is offering several discounts on Sony Bravia Smart TVs this Dashain-Tihar. The company is offering a 10% discount on the MRP of several Bravia models. Furthermore, they are offering a special cash voucher. In total, the scheme offers two types of price reductions. Many beautiful television sets with 4K resolution, FHD resolution, OLED screen, elegant features, internet compatibility, strong picture processor, and resolution enhancer are available in the Bravia TV lineup.

Sony Bravia TV Discounts and Vouchers

TV ModelsActual PriceDiscount Price (10%)Gift Voucher
75X80HRs 4,75,000 Rs 4,27,500  Rs 2,000
65X80J                     Rs 2,75,000Rs 2,47,500Rs 7,000
55X80JRs 2,18,000Rs 1,96,200Rs 5,500
65X75HRs 2,10,000Rs 1,89,000Rs 5,000
55X80HRs 1,85,000Rs 1,66,500Rs 4,500
55X75HRs 1,55,000  Rs 1,39,500Rs 4,000
50W660GRs, 1,00,000Rs 90,000Rs 2,500
43W660GRs 78,000Rs 70,200Rs 2,000
Discounts on Sony Bravia Smart TVs

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Discount on Sony Soundbars and Audio Systems

Sony Soundbar

For a complete and immersive entertainment system, audio is crucial. Speakers, woofers, and sound systems are popular among some people. However, other individuals choose a basic but powerful sound solution for their televisions. Soundbars do an excellent job of looking good while also being powerful in certain situations. As a result, Sony offers a wide range of soundbars to complement its Bravia TV sets. If you enjoy watching movies, music videos, internet material, and programs on your home TV, you should invest in a good sound system.

The Sony Nepal Dashain Offer includes savings on a variety of Sony soundbars. In addition, each purchase comes with a complimentary USB drive.

ModelDiscount (%)Gifts
HT-G70010%32 GB Pen Drive
HT -S200 F10%16 GB Pen Drive
HT -S200F10%16 GB Pen Drive
Discount on Sony Soundbars and Audio Systems

Discount on Sony Alpha Camera and Lens 

Sony Camera

Nepa Hima is offering discounts on Sony Interchangeable Lens Cameras (ILCs), Bravia mirrorless cameras, and lenses. First and foremost, all Sony Alpha cameras and lenses have 5% discounts on them. Then there is a 10% discount on the combo purchase. However, it doesn’t apply to the Kit lens. Finally, two free services for Sony camera servicing worth Rs 5000 are available. However, free servicing does not apply to lens purchases.

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