Spotify announced the real-time lyrics feature

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Spotify Lyrics

After years of requests, Spotify has begun rolling out real-time lyrics to free and premium users throughout the world.

Short outlook:

Spotify is now introducing lyrics support in its music streaming service, joining Apple and Google. The company has announced on the global release of its real-time song lyrics support to all of its apps. Here we will be looking in more detail.

Who have they collaborated along?

Listeners all across the world have made lyrics one of the most requested features. So, after iterating and testing, they’ve come up with a simple, interactive, and even sharing experience. 

They’re bringing song lyrics to life through in-app access across the bulk of our enormous music by working with Musixmatch.

After that, Spotify teamed up with Genius to create the “Behind the Lyrics” feature. 

 With Spotify and Musixmatch reuniting, the firm has announce that “Behind the Lyrics” would be phase down.

What more it has to offer?

 The feature is available globally, according to the firm. Lyrics are convenient to all Free and Premium users worldwide on iOS and Android devices, PC, gaming consoles*, and TV. As well as on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One game consoles. so that millions of fans can connect even more deeply with the music and artists they love

What is the best way to view lyrics on Spotify?

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Spotify Lyrics

The way to view lyrics varies depending on the device.

On a mobile device, select a song’s “Now Playing” view and swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access lyrics.

The SpotifyTV app’s “Now Playing” screen has a separate lyrics button.

You may also share the lyrics on third-party platforms using the Share button at the bottom of the lyrics screen on mobile devices.

Similarly, On the desktop, in the “Now Playing” screen, click the microphone icon.

Final Thoughts

“Knowing the words to your current favorite music makes it easier to jam out to it.” To all the music enthusiasts out there, that sounds appealing.

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