TCL Football Hungama OFFER!! Special World Cup 2022 Scheme

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TCL Football Hungama

The TCL Football Hungama OFFER Scheme 2022 is being held this coming Thursday (November 24th). So be ready to grab the offer.

About TCL;

TCL is a self-made name in the TV industry with quality products and reasonable prices. In Nepal, you can officially buy the products directly from their own channel.

Now without further delay let’s head start with TCL Football Hungama OFFER!!

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TCL Football Hungama OFFER!!

Targeting the ongoing international football event TCL has launched a new campaign titled “Football Hungama”. In this particular scheme, the customer will be getting exclusive discounts and fee T-shirts by buying TCL Televisions.

Similarly, one lucky winner will win a bumper prize ’65 inch 4K Television’. Clients of any TCL home entertainment and home appliances will be qualified to take part in the bumper prize.

TCL Football Hungama in Nepal
TCL Football Hungama

As for the time and dates, it will be taking off on Thursday (November 24th) and you will be able to participate anywhere across Nepal. The scheme is for a limited time period so be sure to check their page as well.

Not only the company giving discounts they are also providing several other services. That includes free delivery, free installation and demo, an exchange offer, and a zero percent finance facility.

How do you participate in TCL Football Hungama OFFER?

If you are willing to participate in TCL Football Hungama OFFER. The client has to type TCL, their name, and the warranty card number of the purchased goods and send an SMS to 31003.

Finally, would you participate in the Scheme? Comment below

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