Tootle: A New Way of Sharing Ride in Nepal

Tootle A New Way of Sharing Ride
Tootle A New Way of Sharing Ride

What will you do if you are late for your office, school, or college? Apparently, you will catch up with a taxi and bargain for its fare. As we all know that taxi fares in Kathmandu are very expensive and you have to think twice and thrice before you pick up any cab. So, here is another way to travel, download an app called ‘ TOOTLE ’ from the google play store, signup, and travel wherever you want safely at an affordable price. Tootle offers you a ride way cheaper than a taxi.

If you want to get a ride then all you need to do is just signup for a tootle account, select your pickup and drop location. It will display a route, and free-riders nearby and are very safe and secure as they are very concerned about their client safety. Through tootle, you can send a security SMS to your guardian and provide them with the information on your ride.

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Tootle A New Way of Sharing Ride
Tootle A New Way of Sharing Ride

If you own a bike or scooter and want to earn some real money, download tootles partner app from the google play store and signup. You also need to provide your license details.


Tootle For clients When you make your account, it is giving a free balance worth Rs.500 for every new customer. Customers can use this balance to book their rides. If you are running out of tootling balance, you can recharge the balance via E-Sewa and tootle vouchers.

Tootle For partner

You will get tootle balance worth Rs.200 when you sign up as a tootle partner. Your earnings will be added to this amount. Moreover, you can transfer this balance to your E-Sewa account and use it. The fare is affordable. It charges you Rs.50 for the first 3 KM you travel and It will costs you Rs.12 per additional kilometer you travel. 20 percent of this fare goes to the company and the rest of the payment is to the motorcycle owner.


It is an excellent service. I believe Tootle will do good business and make many clients happy with their services, but there is an amount of risk while tootling as you would not know how the person came to give you ride rides his/her bike. Other than this Tootle is a great concept, and hope the tootle team will try to solve the risk by testing the rider’s skills and asking for feedback from the customers immediately after they have reached their destination.

Download Tootle Nepal App

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