Top 5 Most Popular Nepali Android Apps

Top 5 Most Popular Nepali Android Apps
Top 5 Most Popular Nepali Android Apps
There are many apps developed on a daily basis which help users in performing various tasks and help to gain knowledge regarding various topics from around the world. But there are only a few popular apps developed by Nepali developers who are very useful in our day to day life. In this article, we are going to talk about the top 5 most popular Nepali Android Apps in Nepal which we believe most of us use on the daily basis, and if not, you must try these apps.

Top 5 Most Popular Nepali Android Apps in Nepal

Hamro Patro

Hamro Patro is among one of the most useful and popular apps in Nepal and is on the top of our rank due to its varieties of features used in our daily life. Hamro Patro is also one of the apps which have been featured in Google Play. As the name suggests the app provides information on various festivals and important dates. Along with that the app also provides information on various events and news happening around the country and the world.
Hamro Patro
Hamro Patro
Key Features of Hamro Patro
  • Information on Festivals and important dates
  • News from the top news portal sites and magazines.
  • All Online Radio Stations from Nepal.
  • Loadshedding Schedule
  • Horoscope
  • Blog/Literature news from different blogs
  • Forex News
  • Videos
  • Dictionary
  • Date Converter and much more
Download Hamro Patro for Android:-

Hamro Nepali Keyboard

Hamro Nepali Keyboard is an application developed by the same team who developed the Hamro Patro. This app allows the user to write in Nepali in any application. Yes, you read it correct. Gone are the days when you have to translate it on google or any other site and copy, then paste it. It also has a Nepali Transliteration map that assists the user to correctly type the vowels, consonants in Nepali.
Hamro Nepali Keyboard
Hamro Nepali Keyboard
Key Features of Hamro Nepali Keyboard
  • Can be used in any app
  • Unicode Transliteration
  • MPP Romanized
  • Traditional Script
Download Hamro Nepali Keyboard for Android:-

Nepali Dictionary Offline

This is the first offline dictionary and one of the most loved apps for the Nepali language developed by the Hamro Patro teams. Hamro Patro Team has really helped users to understand the Nepali language with ease. Although the Google is home to everything, finding Nepali Meaning is a tough job, so here is an app that helps to sharpen in the Nepali Language. It is a two-way dictionary, i.e English to Nepali Dictionary and Nepali to English Dictionary. To assist a user in learning new words, this app provides four interesting games. One of the most interesting game is Hangman, Flashcard, Quiz and Word Search. Word Search is just like a popular app Find the word.
Nepali Dictionary Offline
Nepali Dictionary Offline
Key Features of Nepali Dictionary Offline
  • Word Of the Day
  • Quiz
  • Hangman
  • Flash Card
  • Word Search
Download Nepali Dictionary Offline for Android:-

NET TV Nepal

NET TV Nepal is an IPTV developed by NEW IT  Venture Corporation. It is the first commercial IPTV having Nepal Government license to operate IPTV. It allows the user to access their favourite movies, tv channels. Tv shows, Live Channels. The user can watch more than 150 national and international channels through this app. To access the premium channels, user have to buy it and the buying rate differs according to the channel but the buying rates are very affordable. Besides visual channels, this app also provides non-visual news. NET TV Nepal is available for Nepal only, outsiders can use their other app called WORLD ON DEMAND which provides similar service.
NET TV Nepal
NET TV Nepal
Key Feature of NET TV Nepal
  • National and International Channels
  • Premium Channels
  • Affordable rates
Download NET TV Nepal for Android:-

NTC NCELL Scan to Recharge App

It is an app developed by Andro Nepal only for Nepal Telecom and Ncell user. It recharges the balance without dialling the recharge PIN number. It just scans the recharge PIN number through user’s cell phone camera and the recharge is done without any trouble. Gone are the days, when you had to dial * 13/14 digit PIN and # just to recharge your balance. The service of the application is not only limited to balance recharge but also there are few other helpful services like DATA PACK, NCELL LOAN, TRANSFER BALANCE, and USEFUL NUMBER that would be helpful during an emergency situation.
NTC NCELL Scan to Recharge App
NTC NCELL Scan to Recharge App
Key Features of NTC NCELL Scan to Recharge App
  • List of Useful Numbers
  • Real-time update of new feature and services
  • Subscribe to My5, SMS2EMail, FNF, CALL Divert and much more
Download NTC NCELL Scan to Recharge for Android:-
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