Vianet Dashain Offer 2079!! Discounts and a Free Dual-Band Router

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Vianet Dashain Offer 2079

Vianet Dashain Offer 2079

Vianet, an internet service provider, offering cutting-edge broadband internet and related services to its customers for more than two decades.

They have just launched blazing fast Fiber Internet to their customers while increasing and exceeding the targets. They have been able to meet customer satisfaction and have a proven track record.

As the festival season is approaching, brands are coming up with new ways to grow their channels likewise, vianet also announced a Dashain Offer 2079. Lets deep directly into the understanding of this campaign;



Vianet Dashain Offer 2079

Vianet Dashain Offer 2079
Vianet Dashain Offer 2079

Under this campaign, Vianet is giving its subscribers the choice between a Nokia Beacon 1.1 mesh router and a Mi Router 4A dual-band router.

Including a ViaTV-only offer, where customers can get a Himstar TV at a discounted price with a ViaTV subscription.

SubscriptionPrice Offers
200 MbpsRs.999 (Monthly)Nokia beacon 1.1 mesh router/ Mi 4A Dual band router
Via TVRs.150 (Monthly)Nokia beacon 1.1 mesh router/ Mi 4A Dual band router

Note: Get a yearly subscription to avoid service and router charges.

The official offer is 200 Mbps internet and a ViaTV yearly subscription where you can get a Nokia Beacon 1.1 mesh router or a Xiaomi Mi 4A Dual Band router free of cost. Likewise,  for an extra optional router, deposits will have to be made for both routers.

Vianet Dashain Offer 2079

Month200 Mbps200 Mbps
(1 TV)
250 Mbps
(2 TV)
300 Mbps
(3 TV)
1 MonthRs. 1,400Rs. 1,550Rs. 1,900
3 MonthRs. 3300Rs. 4,050Rs. 4,500Rs. 5,550
12 MonthRs. 11,988Rs. 13,788Rs. 15,000Rs. 18,000

Deposit scheme

Offer productsUltra-Fi L 200 Ultra-Fi L 200 TV Ultra-Fi L 250 2TV Ultra-Fi L 300 3TV
Nokia Beacon 1.1 Mesh RouterFree Free Free Free 
Router DepositRs. 4000 Rs. 4000Rs.3000 Rs. 2,500 
Mi 4A RouterFree Free Free Free 
Router DepositRs.1500 Rs.1500Rs.1500Rs.1500

Additional Charge (One-Time Installation for NET):

Internet 1 Month3 Months12 Months
Installation ChargeRs. 1,000Free Free 
Ultra-Fi Dual Band WiFi DeviceRs. 1,000Rs. 1,000Rs. 500 
ONU device depositRs. 500 Rs. 500 Rs. 500 

Additional Charge (One-Time Installation for Via TV):

Via TV1 Month3 Month12 Month
STB Activation (Primary)Rs 3,000Free Free 
STB DepositRs 500Rs 500Rs 500
Secondary STB ActivationRs 2,000Rs 2,000Rs 2,000
STB DepositRs 500Rs 500Rs 500

Hence, The prices will change along with a 13% VAT and will last until the router stock is available. While the discount offer on the set-up box will be available for the first-time purchaser.

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