Viber Out now illegal in Nepal

Viber Out Banned
Viber Out, a Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) based service offered by the popular app Viber has been banned by Nepal Telecom Authority (NTA). NTA has released a public notice on Viber Out which states the service is now illegal to use in Nepal and also states that if NTA finds out a user using Viber Out service the user will be penalized according to the law. 
NTA Public Notice on Viber Out
NTA Public Notice on Viber Out
Nepal Telecom Authority (NTA) is requesting all the users not to use Viber Out service to call on the Nepali Landlines and Mobile Phones. 

Note: Only Viber Out service has been banned by NTA. Viber Out is the premium service of the Viber. Users can use Viber and other similar services for IP-to-IP calling.

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