Will Netflix make games available via Apple’s App Store?

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Netflix Games via Apple's App Store

In our prior post, we have already highlighted how Netflix is now pursuing a gaming initiative. It’s the first time Netflix has released the game globally, and that too on the Android platform. As stated by the company, Netflix has officially entered the gaming industry by launching a mobile game service for Android customers. Meanwhile, Netflix has said that an iOS version of the service is in the works. However, Apple’s App Store now has a new cloud gaming rule. As a result of the regulations, it might hinder Netflix from making games available for iOS app. Let’s find out will Netflix makes games available via Apple’s App Store or not?

What’s Apple’s new rule means?

Apple prohibits third-party apps from serving as a game hub, which has sparked debate among cloud gaming services such as Xbox Cloud Gaming, Nvidia GeForce Now, and Google Stadia. Third-party apps can’t act as all-in-one game hubs because of the App Store’s policies. Thus, cloud gaming services can get past this only by delivering their games through a web app. 

Will Netflix launch its mobile game on Apple iOS devices?

Since Apple has prohibited third-party apps from serving as a game hub, Netflix will skirt Apple’s rules by making its games available on the App Store. It means you won’t be able to download or play games through the Netflix app. You’ll only be able to launch them. Meanwhile, the games are nicely bundled in a dedicated tab within the Netflix app but must be downloaded separately from the Google Play Store.

While this configuration is upright, it is insufficient for an all-in-one gaming service. Besides, users should be able to download and play games from within the service. As a result, Netflix will eventually move its games to the cloud. Again, this would be fine for the Android platform. However, Apple’s regulations make cloud gaming nearly hard to prevail, forcing services to settle for rudimentary web apps. Hence, it is uncertain what will happen to Netflix on iOS if and when the company decides to embrace cloud gaming.

What could be the possible solution for Netflix games to thrive on Apple iOS devices?

According to Gurman’s “Apple will have to amend its regulations or offer Netflix an exception. As a result, it will eventually leave Apple, a longtime collaborator but also a growing adversary, in charge of Netflix’s ultimate success.”

A brief outlook of Netflix Game

Netflix’s most recent and significant move is to make video games a common feature of its service. It is the company’s most significant foray into a new kind of entertainment. Netflix has always stated that its competitors extend far beyond the traditional television and film industries. It presently competes with gaming phenoms like Fortnite as well as YouTube’s user-generated-video juggernaut. Similarly, Netflix has control over a massive quantity of entertainment worldwide. As a result, Netflix is considered one of the most powerful competitors. Netflix isn’t the only company that wants to expand its gaming options. Luna, a cloud gaming provider, has also received funding from Amazon. Amazon has its gaming studio and manages Prime Video. Google has also invested in Stadia, a game-streaming service. Likewise, Apple Arcade, which produces original films and television series for Apple TV Plus, has expanded as well.

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