Xiaomi launches Redmi Earphones in Nepal at Budget Price

Redmi Earphones Price in Nepal
Redmi Earphones Price in Nepal

Xiaomi Nepal has been aggressively expanding into the non-smartphone section lately. As part of its Phone Plus strategy, they have introduced new products ranging from routers to smart bands. Aiming to bring more audio accessories to the Nepali market, Xiaomi released the Redmi Earbuds S just a month ago, which brought wireless stereo experience for everyone at a very affordable price. The new Redmi Earphones aim to now fill the hole for wired earphones. With clear and crisp audio and a super affordable price point, there are few things you can complain about in this newly introduced pair of earphones. Let’s go over our review for the release of Redmi Earphones in Nepal.

Redmi Earphones: High-Quality Audio Experience at an Affordable Pricepoint


The Redmi Earphones come in a neat white box that has a very Apple-esque design. Inside, we have the earphones, as well as a couple pairs of replacement tips housed inside a plastic pouch.

At first glance, the Redmi Earphones look like your typical budget in-ear earphones. Coming in at a super light-weight 13 grams, the earphone sports rubber wires and a golden 3.5 mm audio jack that is bent at the base. The Y-type wire measures at 1.25 meters. It’s a bummer that the cables are not braided, but seeing as to how this is a budget earphone, this isn’t really that much of a surprising compromise.

The tips of the earphone are slightly bent and capped with comfortable silicone tips. They are designed to fit into the ear very snugly, given the bent design and squish-able silicone tips. If the tips don’t fit your ears, two replacement tips are available in the box as well.

Build and Features:

The earphone tips hold two powerful 10mm sound drivers, certified by Hi-Res Audio to provide a more natural and realistic listening experience. At the base of the Y-intersection of the wires, we have an in-line mic to facilitate hands-free calling. There is also a single button present, which serves as a multi-functional button for call and music control. Due to the single button design, you can’t really control the playback volume using the headphones, which is a slight negative point for this pair of earphones.

The Redmi earphone is internally crafted from high-quality precision aluminum alloy. The 1.25 meter cable, although rubber, is durable under most circumstances, and ends at a standard 3.5 mm tip.

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Sound Quality:

Although there have been some compromises on design and build, the sound quality is where this phone really shines. The 10mm sound drivers bring dynamic bass, clear vocals, and refined treble. There is a slight boost to the bass, but this should be a positive point for most people. Unlike any other earphones falling into this price range, the Redmi Earphones have a surprisingly clear mid-range. Vocals and instruments are very clear and crisp and don’t sound muddy at all. The treble, or the high end, is where the earphones lack a bit.

If you use a Mi device, you can connect the earphone with its recommended settings using the Mi Sound Enhancer. Select the Youth Edition or Mi In-Ear Pro option for the best results. The trebles are much crisper this way, and the settings seem to have a positive effect on the overall listening experience a bit. Of course, you can always tweak your connected device to increase the treble a bit if you don’t use a Mi device, and the treble part sounds very weak to you.

Price and Availability for Redmi Earphones in Nepal:

Currently, the Redmi Earphones will be available in Black, Red, and Blue color shades in Nepal. This pair of earphones retail for NRs 749/- and will be available across all Authorized Mi Stores, retail partners and online channels very soon

Model NamePrice in Nepal
Redmi EarphonesNRs. 749

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