Yahoo Messenger is going to shut down after 20 years

End of Yahoo Messenger
End of Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger was introduced in the year 1998 and now it is coming to an end after 20 years of its birth. The Oath company which is the parent company of Yahoo Messenger said that they are shutting down Yahoo Messenger from July 17. At that time Yahoo Messenger was a big deal because the chatting services where just evolving over the internet. Over the past year, many chatting services has been introduced Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Messenger which have dominated Yahoo Messenger in popularity. AOL also shut its instant messenger AIM after 20 years in the year 2017 because the popularity of new chatting services like Facebook and WhatsApp Messenger and they are favoured by the user.

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The company have not disclosed the reason behind the shutting down of Yahoo Messenger. Before when people Login into yahoo email account then they were automatically connected into Yahoo Messenger but now when user login they are connected to its own Yahoo Squirrel. For now, Yahoo has not told anything about the replacement of Yahoo Messenger but they have given hints that they are testing their new app named Yahoo Squirrel.

Yahoo also has said that the people whoever wants to retrieve messaging texts from Yahoo Messenger can visit a special website from where they can download history of their messages within 6 months of the time period but if they do not retrieve within 6 months than they can never access their chat history archive.

Currently, the company is experimenting with the huge amount of stuff for replacing Yahoo Messenger, hope they will introduce Yahoo Squirrel or something else soon after the end of Yahoo Messenger.

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