YouTube removing dislikes count or dislike button?

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YouTube removing dislikes count or dislike button

YouTube recalls the issue involving online conflicts between users regarding likes and dislikes of YouTube’s video. Similarly, YouTube’s rewind video received millions of dislikes. And the fact that it has recently vanished from YouTube videos has reignited the debate. While visiting YouTube, several users have noticed that the dislike button keeps disappearing and reappearing at odd times. Many users who use the app version of YouTube noticed the dislike button has suddenly become unresponsive. They also observe the dislike button does not display the number of dislikes. It has prompted some to believe that YouTube is preparing to remove the dislike button altogether. We will get insight into whether YouTube is removing the dislikes count or dislike button in this article.

When and how it started?

It was all started back in March when YouTube was more like doing some tests. According to YouTube’s update repository page, they were experimenting with the graphics of the like and dislike buttons, which could impact how the dislike button appears to a user.

“Experiment with like/dislike button designs on mobile: With a small group of users, we’re testing designs for the like and dislike buttons on video watch pages. Some of these designs won’t include a visible like or dislike count.

If you’re in the experiment, you can still like or dislike a video to help tune the recommendations you see on YouTube. Creators will still be able to see the exact number of likes and dislike on their videos in YouTube Studio”.

And recently YouTube has made it official that YouTube is removing dislike count for the public after targeted experiment and for the mental health of uploaders. It means the dislike button will remain, allowing users to express their displeasure if necessary. The only thing that’s going away is the public counter which shows the number of the dislikes on the video.


 YouTube liked what they discovered after trying the concept earlier this year:

“At YouTube, we strive to be a place where creators of all sizes and backgrounds can find and share their voice. To ensure that YouTube promotes respectful interactions between viewers and creators, we introduced several features and policies to improve their experience. And earlier this year, we experimented with the dislike button to see whether or not changes could help better protect our creators from harassment, and reduce dislike attacks — where people work to drive up the number of dislikes on a creator’s videos.

 As part of this experiment, viewers could still see and use the dislike button. But because the count was not visible to them, we found that they were less likely to target a video’s dislike button to drive up the count. In short, our experiment data showed a reduction in dislike attacking behavior. We also heard directly from smaller creators and those just getting started that they are unfairly targeted by this behavior. And our experiment confirmed that this does occur at a higher proportion on smaller channels”.

Why scrap the dislike count but keep the button?

The idea of making symbols that communicate user opinion less visible to the public isn’t new to YouTube. For example, starting in April 2019, Facebook and Instagram explored withholding likes for a year to promote user mental health. However, Meta-owned applications discovered that eliminating likes had little effect on users’ mental health. Therefore they now let users choose whether or not to make their likes visible.

The dislike button, on the other hand, is staying to establish an inclusive and respectful atmosphere. They intend to create such an environment where creators may feel secure to express themselves.

Final Thoughts

Well, whether it’s hate or love, social media is the platform where it all spreads quickly. Therefore, this should aid smaller producers who are targeted and abused in this way. Similarly, it will safeguard their channels from the negative consequences of potential viewers viewing videos that are widely hated. At the same time, there is the unspoken notion that this will benefit large corporations whose films may be disliked because of something viewers find offensive. In a society where people feel increasingly powerless, a mass-dislike campaign may be one of the only ways for them to feel like they are protesting. I hope this article has clarified whether YouTube is removing the dislikes count or dislike button to some extend. Also, you can express your opinion in the comment section.

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