Swa Adhyaya a app for Astrology, Yoga, Slokas and much more

Swa Adhyaya
Swa Adhyaya

While the notion of Spirituality and Religion might vary from one person to another, there’s no denying that this is one such area that hasn’t quite blended well with modern day technical advancements. Though there are plenty of apps and websites all over the app stores and internet that are targeted on doing so, most of them are either web based with crappy UI and their compatibility really sucks. Addressing the same issue, KodeBliss Pvt. Ltd. came up with Swa Adhyaya with the objective to develop a self-awareness of the omnipresent God within each individual and goes to a much deeper understanding of human’s relationship with the Divine and with every other being. So how is it?


This is one department where Swa- Adhyaya shines. As soon as you enter the app, the interface is well laid out with everything that the app has on offer. This not only makes for a clutter free experience but also lets you go for what you want from the get go. Addition of dark mode would have been sweet.

Swa Adhyaya
Swa Adhyaya

Services on Offer

Firstly, there’s Astrology for those of you who actually believe in it. You can get your Kundali Analysis, Match Horoscopes, Kundali Making and even study astrology if that’s something you fancy. While on the topic of Astrology, there’s also Astro shop if you believe in gemstones.

Not just astrology, Swa-Adhyaya also hosts classes for Yoga and Meditation.

Bells and Whistles

Other bells and whistles include Blogs, Muhurats, Videos and Shlokas. “Blogs” is where you find posts related to ayurveda, spirituality and more. Plus there’s the “Quote of The Day” section which shows you different quotes mostly related to spirituality and life from various intellects.

My Opinion

Religion and Spirituality is quite a sensitive topic. But for me, Religion and Spirituality is subjective and might differ from one being to the other. But for me personally, it’s your experiences that teaches you spirituality and for me religion is what binds us together. So your opinion might differ from mine. With that said, it’s a new app so there’s not much to complain about but a dark mode would have been sweet. And It’d have been great if the blogs were in the language that I chose i.e.English for English and Nepali for Nepali.

Lastly, spirituality, yoga, meditation or astrology is something that you want some guidance with, the Swa-Adhyaya app to guide you through your journey. But as the name suggests, Swa-Adhyaya means Self-Taught which goes on to say you are in charge of the journey you partake.

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