Twitter to introduce twitter premium service

Twitter Premium Service
Twitter Premium Service

Twitter premium service

The Social Media handle “Twitter”, one of the sources for most heated debates and controversies has decided to provide a new twitter premium service for its users. Earlier, Twitter had also announced a “Super Follow” subscription wherein users could subscribe to their preferred individual creators for exclusive content from them. Twitter says this new subscription model is different from Super Follow, but how? Let’s find out.

This new subscription service will be targeted towards Twitter’s power users who are frequent with their tweets and are engaging enough with the product they put out. In short, they need to be intriguing enough for other users to make it worth their money. Twitter was vocal about its subscription plans and Twitter had already mentioned that they were researching and experimenting to diversify their source of revenue. 

“Twitter”, the social media handle may infer different meanings to different users which are somewhat polarizing. The result is a slower growth rate and stagnant traffic. Generating 85% of its revenue from ads and from an almost stationary number of users led Twitter to explore other sources of revenue generation as well. In a conversation with Bloomberg, Twitter revealed that this new plan might not be the only one and they will also bake in unique features exclusive to users and businesses.

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The specifics on what this new subscription model will look like remain yet to be disclosed and so is the intel on its arrival. Twitter has been playing around and hasn’t been clear about the specifics yet, which has led us to go with what app researcher Jane Manchun Wong had to say. According to her, this new plan might be called “Twitter Blue” and would cost $2.99 per month. For that premium, you’d get features like bookmark collections and Undo Tweets feature.

Earlier this week Ned Segal, CFO, Twitter stated that its new “premium service” would be aimed at a loyal userbase who use their services and are willing to pay for it. Segal also pointed out that there will be two types of subscriptions- Super Follow and the upcoming subscription plan and would share more intel on this premium service in the coming months.

Various research and experiments have been going on since 2020 and it is for sure that the company has done enough homework already on whether or not it’d work. While Twitter is still playing it safe, it is for sure that the new premium service will be available for its users worldwide. Closing in on Segal’s words, he quotes, “We want to make sure that we have a durable business for our benefit, but also for the benefit of people who use the service”.

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